According to the ancient Doctrine of Signatures, like heals like.
Someone did, in fact, put a bug in his ear.
It's snow time! Though you never know how much you are going to get, as I write the rain has turn to snow.
My mind is blown. Really, my understanding of the world may never be the same.
This is not a poison pen article.
Which weighs more: a bird's bones, or its feathers?
History does repeat itself. Look back 100 or so years to see a nation with issues similar to today's issues.
There is perhaps a new way for beachcombers to classify their findings during a walk along the shore.
Bob Eckstein is a writer, illustrator, New Yorker cartoonist and, according to online magazine and travel company Atlas Obscura, a “national treasure...
Muppeteer Jim Henson created a story that offers much hope and has remained relevant, entertaining and prophetic for almost 40 years.
Mononymous French author Colette kept good company, sharing this opinion of her favorite associates: “Our perfect companions never have fewer than...
Dr. T. Theodore Fujita never let anyone take the wind out of his sails.