From the Jan. 2, 1970 edition of the Gazette: How a quirk of fate brought antique lanterns back to Edgartown.

An edited selection from Gazette nature editorials in the past year.

We are gathered on the porch, exchanging presents, sharing some champagne and crackers too.

A good fishing partner is as invaluable as a key to the gate at Quansoo.

A look back at 1939.

My New Year’s resolutions/Are soon forgotten delusions/About who I could be.


Letters to the Editor

Kudos to the wonderful teachers, Brooke and Abby, at the regional high school, for bringing us It’s a Wonderful Life at the drive-in.

Dept. 56, the company that makes delightful Christmas villages, has introduced three Vineyard buildings this year.

This is in response to a Dec, story about a presentation Jane Chittick made to the Edgartown selectmen about the VTA project to install inductive...