Four years ago, Donald Trump laid out his vision for America in his inaugural speech in which he declared that “American carnage stops right here,” ironically on the very spot where we all witnessed the waning days of his presidency devolve into a violent, maniacal mob scene — culminating in an American carnage broadcast all over the world, to our great national shame.

The nation watched in shock as an orchestrated assault on our Capitol unfolded, fueled for months by lies from the president, his family and allies. Images of thugs scaling walls and scurrying up the Capitol steps, smashing windows and doors, waving confederate flags, occupying the Senate chamber and the Speaker’s office were terrifying — knowing that members of Congress and their staff were in imminent danger. We now know that some were armed and that explosive devices were found. Blood was shed and Americans died.

Yet after the smoke and the bodies were cleared, Trump declared his love for these criminals, and some Republicans resumed their charade of challenging specific states’ certified electoral votes using the same duplicitous, inflammatory rhetoric that spurned the violence. It was an embarrassing spectacle.

This was an attempted coup by the United States president and his enablers.

As a local Democratic town committee, we strongly and forcefully condemn the actions of Donald Trump, his allies and those who feel that violence on his behalf is acceptable. We call for his immediate removal from office by any constitutional means necessary, as he is a clear and present threat to our safety and to our democracy.

Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. He will be the 46th President of the United States. Thankfully, the carnage of the Trump presidency will come to an end.

Diane Drake


The writer is chairman of the Edgartown Democratic town committee.