We are still in the warm spell. In the past it was the January thaw, but at this point there is nothing to thaw. I think it is because I remembered to get the snow shovel out at the threat of the last snowstorm that was not. So maybe I should just leave the shovel where it is.

Happy birthday to all who celebrate their day this week. Big balloons go out to Jack Laird, Jan. 9; Jamily Dias, Jan. 12; Mya Smith and Rafael Souza, Jan. 13 and to Hailey Waters Jan. 14.

I drove through our quiet town last week. There are only a couple of stores open and the rest are darkened for the winter. But it still has a beauty to it and when you get to the bottom of the street, you never tire of the view. The tide was even with the dock and I do not know if it was coming in or out. There was one boat getting ready to go out scalloping and the water was calm, which was the only way I liked it in my scalloping days.

The sale of the Dairy Queen property has had me a little nostalgic this past week. Kay Bettencourt was my boss at the Bank and Tony Bettencourt and Ralph were like brothers for a very long time and we did a lot with Tony and Erika. So, we were there for the beginning of the Dairy Queen life. We watched the transformation of the store from Ayn’s Shuttle Shop, to coolers going in and counters and the soft serve machines. Tony and Erika went to Dairy Queen school in Minneapolis to learn the business, from how many ounces went in this cone and how many pumps of fudge went on a sundae to how to make the infamous curl on the top of the cone or cup.

Kay, Beth Erickson, Pam O’Neil and I went to J.C. Penney at the Taunton Galleria Mall to take cake decorating lessons and get a certificate to decorate the DQ cakes. It was a process to open the business and Mr. Dick Brown, who owned the DQ across the street many years ago, came in to help with his experience. 

Tony, Erika and Kay put many hours into their popular business, and we were all happy for it. There are good memories in that building. Yes, the DQ will still be there, but it is different people making their own Dairy Queen memories.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.